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5号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00
9号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00



灵魂之星花精能量香水 – 充实与感恩



  • 充实地活出自己的人生
  • 感激琐碎的小事
  • 从事喜欢的工作并持续下去
  • 净化身体磁场
  • 平衡自我牺牲与成就他人
  • 缓解固执,接受他人意见




No. 8 Flower Essence Energy Perfume – Fulfillment and Gratitude

Infused with Labradorite, Ametrine, and other elements, this perfume helps you live a fulfilling life, appreciate small moments, and find and maintain a career you love.


  • Live a fulfilling life
  • Appreciate the small things
  • Pursue and sustain your passion
  • Purify your body’s energy field
  • Balance self-sacrifice and personal fulfillment
  • Be open to others’ opinions

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily, spraying twice on the chest each time. You can also spray on the wrists, reflex zones, or mix into massage oil or body lotion. Avoid sunlight and hot environments to prevent spoilage. Non-addictive and side-effect free. Reduce usage if discomfort occurs.

Enhance your sense of purpose and strengthen your spiritual connection.

100ml 12ml 30ml
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  • 充实地活出自己的人生:这款香水可能能够帮助你更专注于自己的生活目标和使命,让你能够更充实地活着,找到内心的满足感和成就感。
  • 感激琐碎的小事:使用这款香水后,你可能会更加感激生活中的细微之处,增强对生活的喜悦和感激之心。
  • 从事喜欢的工作并持续下去:这款香水据称能够帮助你更好地找到自己喜欢的工作或职业,并保持对这份工作的热情和持续投入。
  • 净化身体磁场:使用这款香水可能有助于清洁和平衡你身体周围的能量场,促进身体磁场的健康,从而提升身心灵的和谐。
  • 解决过于牺牲自己成就他人的问题:这款香水可能能够帮助你平衡关注他人与关注自己的需求,减少过度牺牲自己的情况。
  • 缓解固执且不听他人意见的倾向:这款香水可能有助于缓解固执的心态,使你更加开放和接纳他人的意见和建议。




  • 每日使用4次(上午、中午、晚上和睡前),每次喷2次於胸前。
  • 你也可以喷在手腕、反射區或加入到按摩油、身體霜當中使用
  • 或者喷入4次到擴香儀、噴霧瓶中使用。


  • 花精香水保存上應避免置於陽光或炎熱環境,以免腐敗。
  • 花精香水使用上不會造成任何依賴性,亦無任何副作用。
  • 若有不適症狀或負面情緒,屬於冥眩反應,使用上可以減半。

No. 8 Flower Essence Energy Perfume

Purify Your Body’s Energy Field

Like the twinkling stars in the night sky, the No. 8 Flower Essence Energy Perfume guides you in purifying your body’s energy field, eliminating accumulated negative emotions and stress. This essence brings a refreshing flow, allowing your body to feel serene and relaxed, radiating clear and vibrant energy.

Key Benefits:

  1. Release Past and Future Attachments:
    This helps you be less troubled by past regrets and future anxieties, allowing you to focus more on living in the present. Being overly attached to the past or future can affect your mood and happiness, and this perfume can help alleviate such concerns.
  2. Emotional Balance:
    The perfume supports you in achieving emotional balance, helping you let go of negative emotions and stress, and bringing a sense of tranquility and peace.
  3. Enhanced Vitality:
    Feel revitalized and energetic as this essence helps clear your body’s energy channels, allowing for better energy flow and overall vitality.
  4. Deep Relaxation:
    Experience a deep sense of relaxation and calmness, promoting a restful state of mind and body.

Main Ingredients:

  • Clear Quartz: Known for its powerful cleansing and protective abilities, it helps to attract good luck and enhance personal positive energy.
  • Myrrh: Renowned for its calming and purifying properties, it aids in emotional balance and spiritual connection.
  • Lavender: Known for its relaxing and soothing effects, it helps to calm the mind and body.
  • Sage: Traditionally used for its cleansing properties, it helps to clear negative energy from the body.
  • Rosemary: Known for its invigorating and clarifying effects, it aids in mental clarity and focus.

Instructions for Use:

  • Daily Use: Spray the perfume around your body and personal space daily to maintain a clean and positive energy field.
  • Before Meditation: Use before meditation sessions to create a calm and focused environment.
  • During Stressful Times: Spray the perfume to help alleviate stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility.

Intimate Reminder:

  • Keep the flower essence and perfume away from direct sunlight or hot environments to prevent deterioration.
  • Using the flower essence perfume will not cause any dependence or side effects.
  • If you experience any discomfort or negative emotions, reduce the usage by half.

Experience the purifying power of the No. 8 Flower Essence Energy Perfume and transform your body’s energy field. Let this essence guide you towards a more serene, relaxed, and vibrant life.

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100ml, 12ml, 30ml


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