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1号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00
3号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00



生殖轮花精能量香水 – 快乐与创意



  • 舒缓情绪
  • 提升创意
  • 改善人际关系



Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume – Joy and Creativity

Infused with Carnelian, Rose, and Sandalwood, this perfume soothes emotions, enhances creativity, and improves relationships, making you feel cheerful and optimistic.


  • Soothes emotions
  • Enhances creativity
  • Improves relationships

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily, spraying twice on the chest each time. Avoid sunlight and hot environments. Non-addictive and side-effect free.

100ml 12ml 30ml
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● 对每个人都和蔼可亲,愿意与很多人交往;
● 性格开朗,精力充沛,非常乐观;
● 被美丽的事物和快乐的人包围,因此感到非常快乐。



  • 舒缓情绪:它可以帮助缓解愤怒、挫折、不耐、情绪失衡、情绪极端、暴力倾向等情况,让人感到更快乐和幸福。
  • 消除压抑:对于情感上遇到打击并有所压抑的人,它可能有一定的舒缓效果。
  • 提升创意:它有助于创意停滞的情况,可能帮助激发灵感。
  • 帮助表达情感:对于难以表达情感的人,这款香水可能有助于放松和表达自己。
  • 接受改变:对于难以接受改变的人,它可能提供一定的安抚和平静。
  • 改善人际关系:它可能使人表现得更亲切、友善,并促进与许多人的互动。
  • 美好感受:使用这款香水可能让人感到开朗、乐观,围绕着美丽的事物和快乐的人们,从而感到非常幸福。


这款香水可以帮助我们清除“压抑情绪”的毒性。 能给人“存在本身就是欢乐”的醉人感受。


  • 每日使用4次(上午、中午、晚上和睡前),每次喷2次於胸前。
  • 你也可以喷在手腕、反射區或加入到按摩油、身體霜當中使用
  • 或者喷入4次到擴香儀、噴霧瓶中使用。


  • 花精香水保存上應避免置於陽光或炎熱環境,以免腐敗。
  • 花精香水使用上不會造成任何依賴性,亦無任何副作用。
  • 若有不適症狀或負面情緒,屬於冥眩反應,使用上可以減半。

If You Want to:

  • Be friendly and willing to interact with many people.
  • Have a cheerful personality, full of energy, and very optimistic.
  • Be surrounded by beautiful things and happy people, thus feeling very joyful.

If You Are:

  • Not finding life to be happy.
  • Emotionally battered and feeling down.
  • Easily behaving like a spoiled child, dependent on others, or having trauma experiences.

Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume has the following characteristics:

  • Soothing Emotions: It can help alleviate anger, frustration, impatience, emotional imbalance, emotional extremes, and violent tendencies, making one feel happier and more content.
  • Releasing Suppression: For those who have been emotionally suppressed or battered, it may provide some relief.
  • Enhancing Creativity: It helps with creative stagnation and may inspire new ideas.
  • Aiding Emotional Expression: For those who find it difficult to express emotions, this perfume may help in relaxing and expressing oneself.
  • Accepting Change: It may offer comfort and calm for those who find it hard to accept change.
  • Improving Relationships: It can make people more kind and friendly, promoting interactions with many people.
  • Feeling Good: Using this perfume may make one feel cheerful and optimistic, surrounded by beautiful things and happy people, thus feeling very joyful.

Energy Composition: Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Zucchini, Rhodochrosite, Calendula, Black Opal, Chrysocolla, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Geranium, Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Palmarosa, Cedarwood.

This perfume can help clear the toxicity of “repressed emotions.” It gives a captivating sense of “existence itself is joy.”

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily (morning, noon, evening, and before bed), spraying twice on the chest each time. You can also spray on the wrists, reflex zones, or mix into massage oil or body lotion. Alternatively, spray four times into a diffuser or spray bottle for use.

Friendly Reminder:

To preserve flower essence perfumes, avoid placing them in sunlight or hot environments to prevent spoilage. Flower essence perfumes do not cause dependency and have no side effects. If you experience discomfort or negative emotions, it may be a healing crisis reaction; you can halve the usage.

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100ml, 12ml, 30ml

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