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2号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00
4号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00




太阳神经丛轮花精能量香水 – 幸福与自信



  • 幸福满溢
  • 增强判断力
  • 真实表达自我



Solar Plexus Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume – Happiness and Confidence

Infused with Citrine, Pearl, and Citrus, this perfume helps you feel happiness, enhance judgment, and express your true self.


  • Overflowing happiness
  • Enhanced judgment
  • True self-expression

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily, spraying twice on the chest each time. Avoid sunlight and hot environments. Non-addictive and side-effect free.

100ml 12ml 30ml
SKU 040404
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  • 帮助感受幸福:使用这款香水可能让人感受到幸福满溢的状态。
  • 增强判断能力:它可能有助于提升个人的判断力和决策能力。
  • 活出真实自己:它可能帮助人们更真实地表达自己,展现真实的自我。
  • 缓解焦虑和不安:对于那些感受到许多不安和恐惧的人,它可能有一定的缓解作用。
  • 保护自尊心:使用这款香水可能有助于加强个人的自尊心和自信心。
  • 加强个人界线:它可能帮助人们建立和维护健康的个人界线,更好地与他人相处。
  • 提高意志力:它声称可以增强意志力,使人更坚定地追求自己的目标。
  • 应对外部压力:使用这款香水可能让人更从容地应对外部的压力和挑战。

能量组成:黄水晶、黄玉、方解石、珍珠、月长石、丝瓜、 蒲公英、毛茛、柑橘、杜松、岩兰草、天竺葵、山鸡椒、茴香、肉桂



  • 每日使用4次(上午、中午、晚上和睡前),每次喷2次於胸前。
  • 你也可以喷在手腕、反射區或加入到按摩油、身體霜當中使用
  • 或者喷入4次到擴香儀、噴霧瓶中使用。


  • 花精香水保存上應避免置於陽光或炎熱環境,以免腐敗。
  • 花精香水使用上不會造成任何依賴性,亦無任何副作用。
  • 若有不適症狀或負面情緒,屬於冥眩反應,使用上可以減半。

If You Want to:

  • Experience overflowing happiness
  • Have clear judgment
  • Fully feel what it’s like to live your true self

If You Are:

  • Feeling a lot of anxiety and fear
  • Unsure what to do, in a state of confusion
  • Habitually criticizing others

Solar Plexus Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume has the following characteristics:

  • Helps Feel Happiness: Using this perfume may make people feel an overflowing state of happiness.
  • Enhances Judgment: It may help improve personal judgment and decision-making abilities.
  • Live Your True Self: It may help people express themselves more authentically, showing their true selves.
  • Alleviates Anxiety and Unease: For those feeling a lot of anxiety and fear, it may have a calming effect.
  • Protects Self-Esteem: Using this perfume may help strengthen personal self-esteem and confidence.
  • Strengthens Personal Boundaries: It may help people establish and maintain healthy personal boundaries, improving interactions with others.
  • Increases Willpower: It claims to enhance willpower, making people more determined to pursue their goals.
  • Copes with External Pressure: Using this perfume may help people deal with external pressures and challenges more calmly.

Energy Composition: Citrine, Topaz, Calcite, Pearl, Moonstone, Loofah, Dandelion, Buttercup, Citrus, Juniper, Vetiver, Geranium, Zanthoxylum, Fennel, Cinnamon.

This perfume can help protect our self-esteem when facing external pressures.

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily (morning, noon, evening, and before bed), spraying twice on the chest each time. You can also spray on the wrists, reflex zones, or mix into massage oil or body lotion. Alternatively, spray four times into a diffuser or spray bottle for use.

Friendly Reminder:

To preserve flower essence perfumes, avoid placing them in sunlight or hot environments to prevent spoilage. Flower essence perfumes do not cause dependency and have no side effects. If you experience discomfort or negative emotions, it may be a healing crisis reaction; you can halve the usage.

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100ml, 12ml, 30ml

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