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4号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00
8号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00



喉轮花精能量香水 – 自信表达



  • 吸引人的声音和说话方式
  • 坦率表达想法
  • 自由自在地生活



Throat Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume – Confident Expression

Purifies and activates throat chakra energy, enhancing self-expression and voice appeal. Courageously express your true self and trust your life.


  • Attractive voice and speaking style
  • Frankly express thoughts
  • Live freely

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily, spraying twice on the chest each time. Avoid sunlight and hot environments. Non-addictive and side-effect free.

100ml 12ml 30ml
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  • 理解自己的想法:使用这款香水可能有助于人们更好地理解自己的想法和内心感受。
  • 勇敢表达真实自我:它声称可以帮助人们勇敢地表达真实的自我,不再担心他人的观感。
  • 净化和激活喉轮能量:据称,这款香水可以帮助净化和激活喉轮能量,增强自我表达和创造力。
  • 具有吸引人的声音和说话方式:使用这款香水可能使人们的声音和说话方式更具吸引力。
  • 坦率地表达想法:它声称可以帮助人们能够坦率地表达自己的想法和意见。
  • 信任自己的人生:它可能帮助人们建立对自己人生的信任,让人更自由自在地生活。

能量組成: 蓝纹玛瑙、藍寶石、绿松石、硅宝石、天青石、海藍寶、虎眼石、風鈴草、金魚草、波斯菊、玫瑰、 牽牛花、薄荷、迷迭香、洋甘菊



If You Want to:

  • Have an attractive voice and speaking style.
  • Express your thoughts honestly.
  • Trust your life and live freely.

If You Are:

  • Unable to stop speaking negatively.
  • Not expressing your opinions and constantly accommodating others.
  • Unable to trust yourself.

Throat Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume has the following characteristics:

  • Understanding Your Thoughts: Using this perfume may help people better understand their thoughts and inner feelings.
  • Courage to Express Your True Self: It claims to help people courageously express their true selves without worrying about others’ opinions.
  • Purify and Activate Throat Chakra Energy: It is said to help purify and activate the throat chakra energy, enhancing self-expression and creativity.
  • Attractive Voice and Speaking Style: Using this perfume may make people’s voices and speaking styles more attractive.
  • Frankly Express Thoughts: It claims to help people frankly express their thoughts and opinions.
  • Trust Your Life: It may help people build trust in their lives, allowing them to live more freely.

Energy Composition: Blue Lace Agate, Sapphire, Turquoise, Chalcedony, Celestite, Aquamarine, Tiger’s Eye, Bluebell, Snapdragon, Cosmos, Rose, Morning Glory, Mint, Rosemary, Chamomile.

Since the fifth chakra is associated with the life lesson of “purification,” each essential oil used in this chakra has strong purifying abilities. For instance, when we want to let go of deeply ingrained emotions, No.5 perfume can support us and help us smoothly clear those feelings.

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily (morning, noon, evening, and before bed), spraying twice on the chest each time. You can also spray on the wrists, reflex zones, or mix into massage oil or body lotion. Alternatively, spray four times into a diffuser or spray bottle for use.

Friendly Reminder:

To preserve flower essence perfumes, avoid placing them in sunlight or hot environments to prevent spoilage. Flower essence perfumes do not cause dependency and have no side effects. If you experience discomfort or negative emotions, it may be a healing crisis reaction; you can halve the usage.

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100ml, 12ml, 30ml


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