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3号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00
6号花精能量香水 RM188.00RM788.00



心轮花精能量香水 – 自爱与真实



  • 感受所有情绪
  • 按照内心真实行动
  • 珍惜和爱护自己



Heart Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume – Self-Love and Authenticity

Infused with Malachite, Rose Quartz, and Lavender, this perfume helps you feel all emotions, act according to your inner truth, and cherish yourself.


  • Feel all emotions
  • Act according to inner truth
  • Cherish and love yourself

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily, spraying twice on the chest each time. Avoid sunlight and hot environments. Non-addictive and side-effect free.

100ml 12ml 30ml
SKU 040409
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● 互相依赖生存并试图控制他人
● 有强烈的自我否定意识


  • 帮助情绪认知:它声称能够让人们能够坦率地感受和认知所有的情绪,包括负面的情绪,从而更好地理解和处理自己的情感。
  • 推动真实行动:使用这款香水可能有助于让人们按照内在真实的欲望和本心行动,不再受限于外界的压力和期望。
  • 提升自尊和珍惜自己:它声称可以帮助人们更加珍惜和爱护自己,增强个人的自尊心和自信心。
  • 克服社交障碍:对于害怕亲密、无法和他人来往的人,这款香水可能有助于减缓这些社交障碍,让人更加开放和自在地与他人交往。
  • 建立信任和减少嫉妒:它可能帮助缺乏对自己和宇宙的信任、过于批判占有或嫉妒的人,让他们更加放松和信任周围的环境和人际关系。
  • 解决犹豫不决问题:对于那些犹豫不决的人,使用这款香水可能有助于更加果断地做出决定,克服拖延的倾向。
  • 解脱互相依赖和控制他人:它声称可以帮助那些为了生存而互相依赖、试图控制他人的人,让他们更加独立和自主。




  • 每日使用4次(上午、中午、晚上和睡前),每次喷2次於胸前。
  • 你也可以喷在手腕、反射區或加入到按摩油、身體霜當中使用
  • 或者喷入4次到擴香儀、噴霧瓶中使用。


  • 花精香水保存上應避免置於陽光或炎熱環境,以免腐敗。
  • 花精香水使用上不會造成任何依賴性,亦無任何副作用。
  • 若有不適症狀或負面情緒,屬於冥眩反應,使用上可以減半。

If You Want to:

  • Openly feel all emotions
  • Act according to your inner truth
  • Cherish yourself

If You Are:

  • Once patient but now unsure of what to do
  • Codependent and trying to control others
  • Experiencing strong self-denial

Heart Chakra Flower Essence Energy Perfume has the following characteristics:

  • Emotional Cognition: It claims to enable people to frankly feel and recognize all emotions, including negative ones, to better understand and manage their feelings.
  • Promoting Authentic Actions: Using this perfume may help people act according to their true desires and inner truth, free from external pressures and expectations.
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem and Self-Cherishing: It claims to help people cherish and love themselves more, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Overcoming Social Barriers: For those who fear intimacy and struggle to connect with others, this perfume may help alleviate these social barriers, allowing more open and comfortable interactions.
  • Building Trust and Reducing Jealousy: It may help those who lack trust in themselves and the universe, or who are overly critical, possessive, or jealous, to relax and trust their environment and relationships.
  • Resolving Indecisiveness: For those who are indecisive, using this perfume may help them make decisions more decisively and overcome procrastination.
  • Releasing Codependency and Control: It claims to help those who are codependent and try to control others for survival become more independent and self-sufficient.

Energy Composition: Malachite, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Sunflower, Bleeding Heart, Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine, Benzoin, Ylang-Ylang, Bitter Orange Leaf, Neroli.

This perfume shows us what it feels like to live according to inner joy.

Instructions for Use:

Use four times daily (morning, noon, evening, and before bed), spraying twice on the chest each time. You can also spray on the wrists, reflex zones, or mix into massage oil or body lotion. Alternatively, spray four times into a diffuser or spray bottle for use.

Friendly Reminder:

To preserve flower essence perfumes, avoid placing them in sunlight or hot environments to prevent spoilage. Flower essence perfumes do not cause dependency and have no side effects. If you experience discomfort or negative emotions, it may be a healing crisis reaction; you can halve the usage.

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100ml, 12ml, 30ml

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